Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Rehearsal Pictures

I have been visiting rehearsals this week and struck with the same sense of astonishment that all these people are putting so much time and energy into some stuff I wrote. When I teach, I stress to students to consider exactly what they are asking of their future actors and crew. Your scene is more likely to be done if it isn't a pain-in-the-ass or next-to-impossible or too expensive to make work on stage. Well, that didn't stop me from writing scenes that involved cow pyramids, moon landings, caskets or eviscerated Easter bunnies.

It's tricky. A writer doesn't want to create something regarded unproduceable, but it's also theater. The only limit is imagination. Part of the fun in a production is to see how an ensemble will tackle the impossible and make it work on stage.

Here are some pics I took. No cow pyramid. Wouldn't want to spoil that.

This is Becky Eldridge's crew for “Boris vs. Nature”
- Thursday, June 10th at 8pm - featuring Alaina Hoffman, Shelby Burton, Ross Foti, Jarrad Apperson, Scott Olson and Robert Reid. Above, from left to right, are Jared, Shelby, Scott, Alaina and Robert working on "I Love 2 Boogie." They also have a song, "I Hate Cleaning" that they worked miracles with by adding singing furniture to an upbeat tune composed and played by Jared.

This is Jason Fleece's cast working on scenes from “Diversity Chicken”
- 10pm, June 3rd - featuring Jeremiah Howe, Jessica Bennett, Jill Olson, Chris Brown, Andy Cameron, Kristen Secrist. Above is Kristen as Medusa trying to convince her mortal lover, Jeremiah, from breaking up with her for turning the cable guy, Andy, into a statue/vase.

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