Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Farewell to Monster Island" or as I like to call it...

..."Farewell to Little House on the Prairie"?

What a week! Blocking wise, we are two scenes away from having the entire show completely blocked and we've also started our super secret opening number. Things were going great, until...

I have an actress who came down with what?!

I have an actress who came down with the onset of Scarlet Fever. Yup, Scarlet Fever. We are two steps away from putting Greg Callozzo in a dress and staging "Little Women."

In response, Steve Konet has now declared that he has TB. Greg has come down with a touch of the polio and Jess...well, Jess Bettini has declared a plague of locusts.

I hate comedians.

Stay tuned...

"Farewell to Monster Island" June 13th, 7 PM at the Strawdog Theatre with Steve Konet, Emily Walker, Jack Farrell, Jess Bettini, Andrew Kraft, Mal Merpi, Greg Callozzo. Directed by Trish Vignola.

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