Friday, May 7, 2010

The Flotsam of Joe Janes' Cranium

As we gear up for the Main Event, there have been some multiple prop requests from the Directors.  The list gives you some idea that Mr. Janes may be legally retarded.

An Operator's Headset
A Dunce Cap
A Large Handbell
An Alien Mask (ala District 9)
A Pimp Hat
A Stewardess Costume
2 Paramedic Costumes
Lab Coats
Old Lady Wigs
2 astronaut costumes (I know it's ambitious, but it would be super amazing to have them)
A man-sized jumpsuit-looking thing (80's looking, preferably)
A large oscar-the-grouch style trash can
A chaw spittoon.  yeah, you heard me.
Any kind of large animal head.  real or no.
Any sort of animal costume
Ninja masks


I need card board boxes. Like.......refrigerator size. Other sizes are
acceptable as well. But especially BIG boxes.
anybody just move......a refrigerator....?

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