Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Won't Count The Days...

because I'm apparently not very good at that.

But the first show is next Thursday at 8pm. The first of 26. I sat in on their rehearsal last night. This is a very experienced improv/theater/capoeira/sketch comedy crew and they are bringing it.

Thursday, June 3 - 8PM – Weeks 1 & 2 “Dancing with the Devil” (director – Mary Jo Bolduc, cast: Dennis Frymire, Fuzzy Gerdes, Andrew Jordan, Gabe Garza, Marsha Harman, Jill Fenstermaker, Sara Gorsky, original music by Edesio Sanchez-Gomez, transition music by Jen Taylor)

The cast is great and have a handle on the material under Mary Jo's direction. It features a few of my favorite scenes, which I didn't expect to be able to say about the first two weeks of the 365 project. "Lottery Winner" is so well acted that it's almost simultaneously heartbreaking while making me laugh, as in "Better Than Money". "Babies Are Assholes" is a fun song and I can sit through it without cringing at the lyrics I wrote. It occurs to me that some of the themes laid down in the first two weeks came back a lot over the year - the economy, work, theater, relationships, death and God. You know, all the funny topics.

This block also features "Single Slices", which is a speed dating scene jumping back and forth between couples in different age groups. As a writer, I found this scene to be an encouraging green light for the 365 project. It seemed to come out of nowhere (although it contains many biographical elements) and I simply would never have written it had I not taken on the year long project.

Here's Mary Jo with Sarah Gorsky, Dennis Frymire, Marsha Harman and Fuzzy Gerdes rehearsing "Single Slices" at Zoo Studios.

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