Thursday, May 6, 2010

Babies Are Assholes

One of the first scenes I wrote, and the first song I wrote, for 365 is called "Babies Are Assholes." The title sprang out of a feedback session in a class and it stuck with me. I wrote a very rough draft in my head in a drive from Cincinnati to Chicago after visiting some friends for the holidays. My initial vision for it was to be a rocker, kind of a punk pop song.

When Mary Jo Bolduc took on directing the first two weeks of shows, we chatted about this song and the difficulty of breaking out a rock band, especially for just one song. I hooked her up with Ed Sanchez-Gomez, a former student of mine, who had commented on this particular song in passing and said he was interested in setting it to music.

What happened next took an odd turn. The main character singing the song is Gunner, a hipster musician, who is discussing the future with his girlfriend. They talk about kids and he breaks out his electric guitar to sing to her about why he doesn't want to have a baby. Unfortunately, the guy playing Gunner doesn't play guitar. But he does play ukulele.

Um, what?

Here's the demo track of what Ed came up with and I love it! That's him singing and playing.

NSFW - put your headphones on.

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