Sunday, June 13, 2010

Knocked 'Em Out Of The Park Last Night

Jen Malinsky and Jeff Hedges in "Kick the Can"

Going into our last trio of Saturday shows, I was nervous. We've been on a really strong streak of shows and we're deep into the number of scenes. One of these shows just had to be a shitfest. The odds were in the favor of me donning a fake mustache and sneaking out. Happy to report, the comedy gods continue to smile of 365. Bina Martin, Rachel Staelens and Danni Parpan and their casts put together an evening of fun, fun, shows. Michael Gellman, an improv instructor stalwart at Second City and whom I consider to be my teaching mentor was there and he had a great time.

Tonight is it! Your last two chances to see 365.

Toni Machi pines as Matt Scott and Steve Hund frolic.

Matt Malinsky teaches Vanessa Menton to fish.

Sasha Smith and Pat Whalen. Yep. I went there, too.

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