Saturday, June 12, 2010

294 down. 71 to go.

Chris Chemlik, Mackenzie Yeager, Isaac Holter and Zoe Shwartz in "Boxing Day" from "St. Drunken's Day."

Don's computer is acting all fussy, so he was unable to post pictures from Thursday's shows. Friday's shows were kuh-ray-zee. I have avoided warning the audience about what they are about to see, except for last night. I looked over the roster of scenes and this was definitely a period of weird shit. By this time into the project, it was very clear we were going to be presenting them for an audience and we may have had around twenty directors on board. I was more aware of the possibility of repeating myself, if only in where the scene took place. Tried my damnedest to avoid office scenes. There was still one per show. But, there are a lot of scenes where I knew for certain as I was writing them that I hadn't done THAT before. I let the audience know they were in for a strange and often very dark ride. All three shows rocked. Amanda Rountree, Mary Williamson and Tony Soto and their casts all brought their A game.

Scott Whitehair, Kelsie Huff and Mike Carothers in "The Last Unicorn" from "What If They Held A Peace Rally And Nobody Came?"

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