Monday, April 19, 2010

365 Leaking Onto Facebook

It's been fun reading Facebook status updates that reference the 365 Project.

Here are a few I pulled that are related to director Scott's Olson's 365 show.

Jack: "She's my princess. She doesn't deserve to be finger b**ged in a beanbag chair under a black light and black velvet leopard poster. You're going to nail her in a good and proper fashion. We Clear??" Me: "Yes, sir. I will do my best."
was....this a real conversation?

Scott Olson If it's true that casting well is 75% of a director's job, then I have done my job well based on what I heard at the read-thru tonight. How can you go wrong with a series of sketches called "Shows You Would Never Go See Unless You Knew Someone In the Cast"?

Love that title.


365 does have a fan page on Facebook. You can find it HERE.

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