Thursday, December 9, 2010

Single White Friendster Update

Okay, so I'll be the first to admit, this is odd.

I woke up this morning wanting to add something to one of the 365 scenes. A scene I wrote almost two years ago!

It's "Single White Friendster" about a lonely co-worker trying desperately to develop a friendship with her co-worker who prefers to keep things professional. I love scenes where people awkwardly try to connect with others. Little too much like my own life, really.

Anyway, you can read the original scene HERE.

Here's what I changed near the end...


Happy birthday. Really. Happy birthday. I just like to keep my life in different compartments, Wendy. I have my co-workers; I have my family and friends. I like to leave my work at work.


Sure. I understand. I’m the same way, really. I have work and I have my “not” work. Work stays here. Birds, Scrabble, decorating my jeans jackets with rhinestones and metal studs, washing my mother’s hair, all stays at home.


Good. What are you doing for your birthday?


I just told you.


You’re washing your mother’s hair on your birthday? (Wendy nods.) Well, your mom must like that.


It’s hard to tell since the stroke. I play for her in Scrabble. I usually “let” her win. And then she watches me decorate our matching jeans jackets.

(Awkward hopeful pause)


Sounds like a good time.

Yep. I gave Wendy's mother a stroke. All in the name of comedy, of course.

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